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Posted: 1 Jan '21

Winter Decorating with Farmhouse Accessories

Winter Decorating with Farmhouse Accessories

When the holiday decorations come down, the winter season can start to feel a little depressing. That doesn’t have to be the case if you implement some farmhouse accessories that elevate your winter decor. Farmhouse accessories added to your winter decor can make your home feel cozy and warm all season long. Here are our tips for adding farmhouse accessories to your home this winter. Visit us today.


There are many different types of trays from metal to wood that would look great from the kitchen to the living room. They can hold other odds and ends to create special, unique pieces. Items like bowls, cups, and little rustic touches like trees and snowmen can adorn your trays placed on tables and countertops. Rectangular trays can be placed on coffee tables and ottomans for a homier feel. They are also great to have on hand for carrying and holding mugs of warm drinks!  

Evergreen Everything

One of the biggest elements of farmhouse decor is bringing the outdoors in. You can’t go wrong with evergreen garlands, wreaths, and mini trees. They can be placed on your front door, across the mantle, or anywhere you just want a little spot of green. Evergreen smells great and evokes winter memories. It will keep your home looking and feeling warm, cozy, and incredible all season long. For an extra winter touch, flock your evergreen farmhouse accessories to bring a little snow inside!  

Throw Pillows

Who doesn’t want to be warm and comfortable during the winter months? Add some great throw pillows to your furniture! These are an affordable way to change things up and add a little more farmhouse flair to your home. Find pillows with fun sayings, check patterns, or even knits to spice things up. When you’re spending more time at home, you might as well be comfortable!  


Now you’ve added pillows, but what about blankets? Throw blankets are essential to making your home warm and inviting for the entire season. Just like with throw pillows, chunky knits and check patterns are the perfect prints for your farmhouse aesthetic. These farmhouse accessories are both stylish, functional, and a must-have for the entire winter season.  

Little Houses 

Little houses have become such popular farmhouse accessories. Whether they are made from metal, wood, or other materials, these cute little items can spice up a mantle or a table. They add a cute little element that is eye-catching and really embodies the home feeling the farmhouse style is going for. Pair them with little flocked evergreen trees for an added touch of whimsy.  


Have you considered creating your own unique farmhouse accessories? If you have vases, galvanized metal buckets, or cloches, you can create your own stunning pieces. Add those evergreen branches to a glass cloche for a table centerpiece. Add branches and rocks to galvanized buckets to bring the outdoors in. These simpler decorations are great for the minimalist who wants to embrace the farmhouse style or for those who want to embrace winter in a more subtle way.  

Time to Decorate with New Farmhouse Accessories 

Now that you’ve seen some of our winter decorating ideas, it’s time to start decorating. Stop by and see us! We have a wide variety of farmhouse accessories that are simply perfect for your home. You’re sure to find something that will turn your space into a warm, cozy, and inviting place all winter long. Whether you know what you’re looking for or just want to find something new, we have what you’re looking for. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Contact us today for more information.