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Posted: 1 Mar '21

Welcome Spring with Country Kitchen Décor

Welcome Spring with Country Kitchen Décor

You spend quite a bit of your time in the kitchen whether it's for food preparation, eating, or cleaning so you'll want it to be a place you enjoy. That means finding the perfect combination of style and function. Country kitchens exude warmth and are naturally pleasant and welcoming. The type of country kitchen décor you choose can make your space that much cozier and inviting. Country kitchen décor can be incredibly practical and utilized for a variety of reasons and occasions throughout the day. Spring is upon us and you may be looking for ways to welcome the season to your home. Here are a few ideas for how you can welcome spring with country kitchen décor. Visit us to shop our new collections or make an appointment with a home decorator! 

Display Your Decorative Dinnerware 

One essential element of country kitchens is open cabinetry to display your dinnerware and more. This spring take advantage of the open shelving by showing off bright, cheerful plates and platters. They can be the star of your cabinetry for the upcoming season rather than being pushed to the back. The more diverse your collection of serve ware, the better!  

Get Back to Nature 

Nature is a huge element of the country décor style. Bring the outside in with a variety of floral arrangements. Fill unique vases with lifelike artificial flowers to create eye catching greenery and add pops of colour. Another way to bring nature in is with wood slices. You can add some texture and nature to your kitchen by displaying your must-have items on wood slices. They elevate the utensils and create a unique presentation.  

Add Some Artwork 

Festive seasonal artwork can do the trick! Look for pieces with plants, birds, or other things that bring your mind to spring. These pieces can, of course, work all year long, but in the spring they can pack an extra punch.  

Complement Your Neutrals 

Country kitchen décor is heavy on neutrals and natural elements. This can begin to feel a bit bland, but pops of colour can really do the trick. Add vibrant touches to your kitchen by adding those floral arrangements, decorative dishes, or finding useful kitchen tools with bright handles. They will all complement the neutral palette perfectly.  

Embrace the Holidays 

It's easy to embrace the autumn and winter holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but with spring you can embrace Easter. Add festive flair to your country kitchen décor with  bunnies, lambs, and pastel colours to create a great serving area for Easter.  

Create Copper Accents 

One way to add instant brightness to your kitchen is copper pieces. Utilize tableware, vases, and cookware. Add them to shelving or display them on your countertops for some added shine. Copper is eye-catching, gorgeous, and perfect country kitchen décor.  

Get Some Gorgeous Glassware 

If copper isn't necessarily your thing, go for glassware. There are so many different types and shades out there for you to add as an eye-catching element. If you can find vintage pieces, even better. Be on the lookout for soft blues, greens, and pinks to complete your springtime look.  

Finding Your Perfect Country Kitchen Décor 

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to freshen things up! Now that you have some ideas for your country kitchen, stop by and see us! We are ready to help you find the perfect country kitchen décor for the season ahead.