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Posted: 2 Sep '17

Warm Your Home This Fall With Rustic Candles & Candle Holders.

Rustic Candles & Candle Holders

We love to help our customers decorate for fall, using rustic candles & candle holders in colours that complement the wonderful hues of harvest time. At It’s a Crock Country Store in Leduc, we have such a wide selection of items in our 4,000 square-foot showroom that we can accommodate the unique styles of all our clients as you create a warm, glowing home.

Scented Rustic Candles & Candle Holders Evoke Warm Memories

When the shadows first begin to suggest autumn is approaching, our customers begin to turn to fall colours and the warmth our rustic candles & candle holders can bring to their homes. Among the most popular items are our scented candles that customers love to pick up in fragrances that evoke treasured memories of grandmother’s country kitchen or long-ago family gatherings. Among the favorites are warm apple pie, cinnamon and butterscotch. You can also make new memories for your family by selecting candles in a “signature” fragrance for your home.

Bother-Free, Battery-Powered Candles Don’t Require Supervision

Nestled in attractive arrangements that enhance your decor, our scented candles are popular items, but they are not right for everyone. Some people find scents overpowering or develop headaches. Fortunately you have options. We stock battery-powered candles that create the ambiance without the aroma or necessity of constant supervision and replacement. They’re safer if you have small children or pets who might accidentally knock over a burning candle.

Beyond Rustic Candles & Candle Holders

Of course, your fall decorating is not totally about candles. You’ll also want to create new centerpieces for your tables – dining and decorative. We love the look of wreaths for your candles, especially in your entryway, and coordinating wreaths at the doors to welcome you and your guests. You can always pop a new, colour-coordinated runner on any table and maybe new placemats at your everyday table to welcome a new season.

For a professional look, consult with our friendly decorators about what is new and what will complement your other furnishings. Bring photos of what you have and pictures of settings you like so we can help you design the perfect look, feel – and smell – for your home. At It’s a Crock, we love to help you create a warm, welcoming home. Drop by It’s a Crock Country Store in Leduc to discover wonderful rustic candles & candle holders to brighten your decor.

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