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Posted: 1 Feb '20

Upgrade Your Kitchen This New Year with Budget Friendly Country Kitchen Décor

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home and one filled with the most love. But when it comes to decorating, it is one of the most ignored places. A renovation can be costly and overwhelming. Whether you just don’t want to take on a renovation or budget constraints won’t let you, we have some ideas for how you can update your kitchen with budget-friendly country kitchen decor.

Chicken Wire Door Panels

This project you can take on over a weekend with just some chicken wire and white chalk paint. All you need to do is remove the panels on the front of your cabinets and replace them with chicken wire. Once you add a fresh coat of paint, you’ll have cabinets that give you a modern farmhouse type look but with extra personality.

Change Up Your Lighting

Has anyone ever told you lighting is everything? Simply changing up the lighting in your kitchen can give you a whole new appreciation for your space. Pendant lights are incredibly trendy and you can find budget-friendly ones or even make your own by repurposing items. Taking a look at your lighting can allow you a chance to add character and quirky elements that make your space all your own.

Update Your Hardware

Another easy way to update your country kitchen decor is by changing out the hardware. You don’t have to wait for things to break before replacing these items. A fresh set of knobs and pulls is one of the best ways to freshen up the room. Shaker pulls add to a traditional farmhouse look and classic pulls in bronze or black will add great contrast to your space. You could even go the extra mile to reuse antique pulls for a mix and match look.

Open Shelving

You’ve spent the money on beautiful dishes, mugs, and even antiques why not display them? If you don’t have existing open shelves, you can create them, and if you do, try reexamining what you have on display. Mixing reclaimed wood and neutral tones with a modern backsplash marries rustic and modern while creating an eye-catching addition to the room.

Paint Your Cabinets

We mentioned adding chicken wire to your cabinets, but how about adding a fresh coat of paint? If you’re not ready to take on a difficult DIY project, toss a fresh coat of paint right on your cabinets. It’s to update and you’ll get to embrace the colored cabinet trend. Remove your hardware, clean and sand the surfaces, and paint with a few coats of your favorite paint. When the afternoon is over, your kitchen will have a fresh new look.

Coffee Please

One of the trendiest ways to update a kitchen is by adding a coffee area. But you don’t need to remodel your entire kitchen to add a built-in coffee bar. If you can, try to use an area next to the sink in order to make the process efficient. Add the coffee maker to the top of the counter and store mugs and cups above. Put filters, pods, and grounds in the drawer below and thee you have a wonderful coffee area that will make mornings even easier. If you have extra space, go one step further by adding special signs and other decorative elements that customize your new dedicated coffee area.

Endless Opportunities!

There are so many ways you can update your country kitchen decor on a budget. If you’re not sure where to start, stop in and see our selection of country kitchen decor today!