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Posted: 1 Dec '20

Turn your House into a Winter Wonderland with Home Decorating Services

Turn your House into a Winter Wonderland with Home Decorating Services

Of course, the holiday season is the most magical time of the year, but you can embrace the season even longer by turning your home into a winter wonderland. As you begin decorating for the upcoming season, you may be looking for new, fun ways to decorate for the holidays. Adding a few country or rustic items helps create the warm atmosphere you’re looking for. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas that are made even easier with our home decorating service. Get in touch with us today for a consultation! 


Wreaths are incredibly popular no matter what the season simply because they can be easily changed from one season to the next. Holiday wreaths are a home decorating staple for many and are one of the very first things guests see when they come to your home. When it comes to your country decor style, look for a pine wreath. A pine wreath fits in perfectly with your Christmas tree and is very welcoming. There are many ways to display your pine wreath so no matter how you do it, it will be a welcome addition to your winter wonderland. Our home decorating services can help you find the perfect wreaths for your home with ease. 


Stockings hung with care are the perfect seasonal decoration and they make your space feel homier. Whether they are family heirlooms or new additions, stockings are an easy way to update your space and add accents that tell a story. There are so many different types of stockings from black and white to checkered that will make your fireplace and mantel much more exciting for the upcoming holiday season. Faux fur trim on your stockings also adds a rustic flair to these iconic Christmas staples. Using home decorating services like ours can help you find the right special pieces for your mantel.  

Rustic Ornaments

Of course, you’re going to be decorating your tree during the holiday season. It is the focal point after all! If you’re using your family heirloom ornaments, add in other more rustic ornaments to give that country feel. Snowflakes are a great choice because they can simply be added to your existing ornaments and compliment them rather than compete with them. Snowflakes will also bring that winter wonderland you’re going for to life. Another option would be rustic stars. Similar to the snowflakes, they will easily fit in with your existing ornaments and add a little something extra to your tree.  


Gnomes are a favourite of home decorating services because they make interesting decor pieces due to their unusual nature. They will capture everyone’s attention and add a little special touch to your winter wonderland. The details on these types of pieces are all unique and you’re sure to find one you love. The traditional red and white colors present in gnomes are staples of the holiday and winter season. When paired with wood they are the extra rustic touch you’re looking for. You’ll be wanting to add plenty to your home this upcoming season.  

Get the Look with Our Home Decorating Services 

Don’t fret about getting the perfect winter wonderland look for your home this season. Utilizing home decorating services means relying on the experts to make your home look stunning. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you bring your idea of a winter wonderland to life. With home decorating services, your home will look great and be a place that is warm and welcoming for your guests. Contact us today to learn more about our home decorating services.