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Posted: 1 Feb '21

Transform Your Space with Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers

Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers

When choosing a design style for your home, you put time and effort into choosing something that is pleasant and welcoming to not only your family but your guests. The farmhouse style is naturally warm, comfortable, and cozy. The elements of the design style are easy to implement and you're likely to find many pieces you love. One component that shouldn't be skimped on is lighting. When it comes to farmhouse lighting and chandeliers, you should find ones that naturally compliment the warm, cozy feel of a farmhouse. Here are a few ways to transform your space with farmhouse lighting and chandeliers this season. Stop by our store to browse our unique selection! 


Pendant lights are trendy and can be both modern and classic. Pendants add an industrial feel through their sleek look and add just enough light to set the mood. Modern pendants with a matte finish really compliment the natural elements and colours of farmhouse decor. If you're into a dreamier look, classic pendants with designs like flowers really help to define your space and can be used to draw out specific colours within your decor. Metal pendant lights that resemble vintage milk cans bring together the modern elements of pendant lights and mixes it with the farmhouse repurposing. Finding lights like these offers you a chance to create an individual take on your lighting fixtures. Line them up together and establish an even cooler farmhouse element that will get people talking.  


When you hear chandeliers, your mind is probably drawn to entryways or above dining tables. Step outside the box and add a chandelier to your kitchen! Hanging a farmhouse chandelier over your kitchen island will add a unique focal point and warm up your space. Utilize walls for traditional sources of lighting that help you set the mood.  

Table Lamps  

When it comes to adding updates to your space, table lamps are a great addition. This is because they are easily added and fit nicely with your existing furniture. To make sure they are fitting your desired farmhouse look, seek out lamps with linen shades and glass bases. Choosing rope and O-ring lamps that resemble horse bridles is another way to add the farmhouse element to your home.  

Entryway Lighting 

The entryway offers an opportunity to make a statement and set the mood of your home. You may think this is the best place to add farmhouse lighting and chandeliers and you are correct! But take that idea one step further by adding a caged chandelier rather than a classic drop one. When you use a caged chandelier you can add rustic candle looking bulbs that add an extra statement to your already beautiful piece. Plus pairing the geometric nature of a cage with the wooden elements and the texture from the bulbs, brings the warmth and farmhouse style to the next level.  

Candelabra Chandeliers 

Now that we've mentioned using candle like bulbs within your chandelier, why not make the entire candelabra chandelier your lighting fixture? Look for farmhouse lighting and chandeliers with a more weathered look that exudes charm. Pair it in your space with other antiques to create a rustic vibe or other classic farmhouse pieces for a traditional look.  

Finding the Perfect Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers 

Now that have the inspiration you need to create the warm, comfortable farmhouse of your dreams, it's time to find the right farmhouse lighting and chandeliers for you! Stop by and see our knowledgeable staff who are ready to assist you with all of your lighting needs.