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Posted: 1 Jul '20

Tips for Decorating with Farmhouse Accessories

Tips for Decorating with Farmhouse Accessories

The farmhouse decorating style is full of charm and character. Getting the farmhouse style right means finding the perfect balance of old and new. Everything in your space should be clean, warm-hearted, and chic. If this sounds like the style you're going for but aren't sure where to start, we are here to help. Here are our tips for decorating your home with farmhouse accessories. Contact us to learn more.

Get to Know the Rules

The farmhouse style originated with homeowners utilizing handy and practical items as their decor. Nothing about these items was delicate or breakable. In fact, to really get the farmhouse style, all of your accessories should have an authentic look. For example, the classic harvest table and Shaker cabinets combined with modern stainless-steel appliances and light fixtures bring your farmhouse kitchen to life.  

The key to farmhouse style is making sure it doesn't look too thought out. With farmhouse accessories, the thought is the same. While there are many reproductions of nostalgic items, it's important to use only a couple in your space. Going beyond that, you might make your room a little too cliché. Apple picking ladders are great for hanging towels and give instant character to your space.  

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

When it comes to finding the perfect farmhouse accessories, take your time. Finding the perfect pieces full of charm and character for your home won't come easily if you're buying for the sake of buying. When shopping browse and collect so you'll have many items of meaning whether they are brand new or very old. Here are some ideas and decor elements that will help you achieve an amazing farmhouse style in your home.  

Coffee Tables:  Add trays with a weathered finish. They will add dimension and won't look obvious by being shiny and new. Create beautiful floral arrangements of seasonal artificial flowers as centerpieces. You'll be adding a fresh element while bringing pops of color and beauty to the space.  

Side Tables:  Side tables perform a necessary function in your bedroom or living room. Spice things up by changing up the table lamp you usually put on them.  

Walls:  When it comes to the walls this is a place to let personality shine. Add large clocks and signs to your walls. Signs are the vintage touch that makes your farmhouse style shine and showcases your personal style. Clocks are a functional element that draw your eye and make a wow statement.  

Mantle:  A mantle is a central place where you should be putting your farmhouse accessories! Add a large round or square mirror above your mantle. It will reflect the bright light of the room and make it appear bigger not to mention look very stylish. Accompany your new mirror with chic candlesticks for an extra stylish note.  

Floors:  Select beautiful rugs of natural elements or neutral colors. They will keep your flooring safe while adding some style to your room. They are a budget-friendly way to update your space without buying new flooring.  

Shop Our Farmhouse Accessories 

Now that you have inspiration, we are here to help! We have many farmhouse accessories for you to choose from. Stop in today and let us help you achieve the farmhouse style of your dreams.