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Posted: 1 Jul '19

These Farmhouse Accessories Will Wow Your Guests

Whether your home is old or new, you can embrace the farmhouse style. A farmhouse style is warm and inviting. One of the best ways to bring a beautiful farmhouse look into your home is with accessories. Farmhouse accessories allow you to infuse your home with rustic and vintage touches. Here are a few farmhouse accessories that are going to wow your guests.

Antique Kitchenware

When adding some style to your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with antique pitchers, bowls, and spoons. These farmhouse accessories bring history and personality into your home. Their antique appearance plays well with natural wood, brick, and tile most commonly found in farmhouse style homes.

Metal Farmhouse Accessories

Candlesticks set the mood for the room and add an ambiance. Other items like barrels, canning jars and metal baskets enhance the room while recycling materials. These types of accessories compliment your natural furniture and embrace common items found in farmhouses. Plus, they create practical storage for bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Light Fixtures

Your room will benefit from having a light fixture that not only accentuates the room but really works with your style. A great lighting piece can become the focal point of a room. A good farmhouse inspired light fixture can be made from wrought iron, distressed metal, or even reclaimed wood. Choosing farmhouse accessories are about being simple but still adding a wow factor.

A Reclaimed Ladder

Have you ever considered using a reclaimed ladder as a convenient, eye-catching storage spot? A ladder can store goods like blankets, hats, and more while adding a rustic look to the room. It can lean against the wall creating an added decoration without being in the way.

Framed Mirrors

A mirror has the ability to make your room feel larger and they bring in more light. It can also be used as a practical piece of artwork on your wall. A mirror framed with reclaimed wood will add style to your space and be a conversation starter. The rustic appeal of reclaimed wood will add extra personality and history to the room. Plus, there is bound to be an exciting one that catches your eye.

Wall Clocks and Letters

One can’t miss element in farmhouse design are wall clocks and letters. Often, you’ll find wood wall clocks mixed with metal numbers which blend farmhouse and modern styles. They are a fun, useful addition to any room. Repurposed letters that represent your name are also a fun addition that also gives the room character.

Are you looking for farmhouse accessories to wow your guests? Stop in and see us today! We are ready to help you make a stylish impression!