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Posted: 1 Apr

There’s More to Country Style Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets Than Plaid and Flannel

There’s More to Country Style Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets Than Plaid and Flannel

Your country bedroom should be welcoming, comfortable, and warm no matter what area you live in. When it comes to the country style, two common bedding types may come to mind: flannel and plaid. But the rustic farmhouse style has surged in popularity in recent years leaving tons of other options you may have not considered before. Changing up your bedding is an easy way to create ambiance so here are a few of our favourite bedding/quilts and coverlets that aren't flannel or plaid. Visit us today to see even more options in person.


The bed is likely your biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, and you'll likely want to create a cohesive style to match all of the decor you have collected. Linen bedding has natural ripples that are a soft, homey texture which helps create a welcoming ambiance. Linen comes in a variety of muted natural colours that will help you mimic a beautiful rural landscape. 


One of the best parts of country décor is bringing in rustic natural elements like floral arrangements. You put tons of effort into creating seasonal arrangements and nothing says farmhouse more than these beautiful combinations of flowers, twigs, and branches. But have you considered them on bedding/quilts and coverlets? If you are looking for a pattern that isn't plaid, subtle florals are the way to go. 

Mix and Match 

When embracing farmhouse decor, avoid being matchy-matchy. The best-decorated rooms look like they have been decorated over time, and the same is true with bedding/quilts and coverlets. If you choose crisp white bedding make sure your assorted quilts and even burlap pillow shams to add extra texture and character. 

A Case of the Blues 

If muted neutrals aren't your style, reach for a hint of blue. Whether stonewashed or classic navy, blue makes whites even brighter and pays homage to country living. Whether you find a chic bed set or even a timeless quilt with blues in the pattern you can't go wrong. 

Geometric Patterns 

While plaid is the go-to pattern, step outside the box and embrace a little Scandinavian hygge style by looking for other prints. Many stores today are filled with cozy yet minimal geometric patterns perfect for your farmhouse bedding/quilts and coverlets. Whether it's simple stripes or triangles you'll be able to find one that perfectly complements the black sconces and thrifted accents of your room. 

Layered Neutrals 

To avoid your country bedroom from being a bit too sterile, consider layering your neutrals. Your bedding is a blank canvas so think about choosing sheets, pillows, and coverlets that are cool greys, eggshell whites, and baby blues. They will create a beautiful contrast against distressed bedroom furniture, keepsakes, and family photographs. 


If you're into more of a country ranch-style bedroom, then look for darker coloured bedding with unique patterns. This type of bedding/quilts and coverlets are fit for a cowboy. Black and dark grey bedding will perfectly complement soft pillows, plank flooring, and even a mounted deer sculpture. 

Ready to Create the Rustic Country Bedroom of Your Dreams? 

There are so many options when it comes to country bedding/quilts and coverlets that aren't plaid or flannel. If you're not sure where to start, stop by and see us today! Our interior decorators are sure to help find a style that speaks to you.