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Posted: 1 Mar '20

The Home Decorating Service Tips You Need to Create Your Own Country Home

A country home puts emphasis on being cozy and bringing elements of nature indoors. The décor inside a country home can be casual or formal but traditionally places more focus on being functional rather than something to look at. Everything about country homes screams warmth, comfort, and love. Here are all the home decorating service tips you need to create your own country home. Start creating today!

Wooden Furniture

The most common material when it comes to country home furniture is wood. If you’re unsure where to begin, start here. Wood can be dark, light, painted, or even distressed. Whatever fits your style best can be used for tables, bookshelves, and dressers. Use china cabinets and bookshelves to show off your family’s most treasured items. These furniture pieces should be well-worn but sturdy and breathe new life into pieces long forgotten.


Once you have your furniture chosen, you’re going to need throw pillows and blankets to round out your look. These comfortable pieces soften the look of all the wooden furniture and make them appear more inviting. You can even use window treatments to make a space warmer which is key during the winter months. Floral, chintz, and damasks are all common choices for country homes, and they can all be used in the same room. When choosing fabrics, it might be best to reach out to home decorating services to help you find the best ones.


Fabric isn’t the only place where you can embrace patterns in country home décor. Patterned wallpaper is incredibly popular in country homes or you can bring in patterned area rugs. To keep your home from looking too busy, you should pair large prints with smaller prints or use similar color palettes. The best way to bring these elements in is with slipcovers. You can change them out seasonally or whenever you feel the need since they are readily available at stores.


Country colors are plucked right from nature. Think of colors like pinks and yellows found in a garden or green hills of the countryside. You can make them muted, vibrant, or simply feature them in a floral pattern. These colors make your space cozy and inviting which is exactly what you want during the winter. If you’re looking for country kitchen updates, try adding color throughout your decorations and accessories rather than by painting your cabinets.

Period Details

One of the most fun things about decorating is adding period accents, and country home décor is no exception. Country homes have beamed ceilings, wood floors, and wainscoting all of which are beautiful elements that should be highlighted. Use lamps, candles, and chandeliers rather than recessed lighting. Hang large portraits above the fireplace, and place an emphasis on things your family loves. This will not only make your home cozy but filled with love. When adding details, you may want to enlist the help of home decorating services to help you find unique, special pieces.


Since country homes bring nature indoors and are reminiscent of the English countryside, you should bring in outdoor elements wherever you can. Fill vases with fresh flowers or display bright basked of dried flowers. Don’t go overboard. They should still follow the simplicity country home décor calls for while making your home smell fresh. Include hat racks, chests, and other comforts of home. After all, your county home should look lived in and really not planned.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you're ready to decorate your country home but don't know where to start, check out our home decorating services. Our knowledgeable staff can help you achieve the look of your dreams.