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Posted: 2 Jul '18

The Beginners Guide to Decorating Your Home with Farmhouse Accessories

In recent years farmhouse decor has become trendy and "in", but the truth is this look has always been popular and will be for years to come. So how do you achieve that farmhouse style in your home? It's easier than you think. Here's a beginner’s guide to transforming your home into a farmhouse.

Light Backdrops

Keeping your walls and doors in light colors will help make the little details of your farmhouse accessories pop. When picking wood colors for flooring, go for a natural look or a light weathered grey. As you add your farmhouse accessories, the neutral colors of the walls and floors will help tie everything together.

Vintage Inspired Decor

The great thing about farmhouse accessories is that they are created based on vintage style. Rusted iron or metal can really turn a simple piece like a vase or a napkin holder into something completely unique. Mason jars can be used in so many different elements in farmhouse style, as vases, candle holders or even wall sconces. Just a few vintage-inspired farmhouse accessories can really change the whole vibe of a room. At It's a Crock Country Store, we carry a variety of vintage-inspired farmhouse accessories that can transform any room.


Barnwood has an amazing texture that can be used in so many different parts of a farmhouse room. Try adding a wall shelf made from barnwood or a tray on a kitchen counter. Small little pieces here and there will really add dimension to a room.

Natural Fabrics

When choosing linens for your decor, pick earthy fabrics like cotton, linen and burlap. It's a Crock Country Store carries many different linens in neutral tones and colors. Fabric farmhouse accessories in subtle prints like plaids and light florals can help add a touch of color in an otherwise neutral room.

Farmhouse Signs

Signs add personal character to your home and are some the most popular farmhouse accessories this season. You can find a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles of farmhouse signs at It's a Crock Country Store.

Industrial Inspired Light Fixtures

Farmhouse style is all about texture. A galvanized metal light fixture or an iron chandelier really takes the farmhouse look to a whole other level and can be a focal point for a room

You don't have to live on a farm or even in the country to add farmhouse style to your home. Visit us at It's a Crock Country store; we carry all the farmhouse accessories you need to create a look you'll love.

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