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Posted: 1 Jun '21

Take the Guesswork Out of Farmhouse Décor with Home Decorating Services

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As summer arrives and you’re enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, you may want to make a few slight updates to your home. What is more welcoming than gorgeous, farmhouse décor? It’s a style that will remind you why summer is the best time of the year. Whether you want to make slight changes, a complete overhaul or just one of your rooms needs a re-do, home decorating services can help you achieve your desired look without any added stress. Here are a few of our favourite summer farmhouse ideas for you to consider. Schedule a consultation for our home decorating services today!

Our Favourite Summer Farmhouse Décor Ideas:

  • Summer Baskets: If flowers aren’t your thing, but you want a small change, create a summer blossom basket! Use a natural wood planter or galvanized metal container and add artificial flowers with bright, cheerful colours.
  • Rustic Signs: Wood and metal signs can rest beside your door, on a shelf, or a wall without taking up too much space. The messages in your signage will add even more character to your home. Not sure about doing a DIY project? Luckily, our home decorating services can get you the perfect rustic signs for your space with ease!
  • Mixed Materials: A main combination used in the farmhouse style is metal, florals, and wood. Be creative with your arrangements. If you need help, bring us your inspiration photos and we would be happy to help you create something uniquely yours. Galvanized bicycle wheels or wood wagon wheels be used to frame your florals and even support small signs. These distinctive and colourful decorations are sure to catch the eye of your guests.
  • Lemons: What is more summer than lemons? These tart yellow fruits remind just about anyone of summer sunshine. There are a million ways to incorporate lemons or lemon-themed pieces into your décor. Whether you use artwork, create a cute sign, or find ways to display them in floral arrangements or centerpieces around your home, nothing screams summer more than a lemon. Hint: Let our experts get you the perfect lemon accessories with our home decorating services!

Decorating by Space:

  • Front Door: This is the first place your guests see. Make it a welcoming space with a sign welcoming them. 
  • Porch: Who doesn't love summer nights on the porch? Add some light linens and soft pillows to your furniture to create a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • Living Room: Give a rustic vibe with antiques, wood touches, and fresh flowers to get the perfect farmhouse look.
  • Kitchen: The easiest way to refresh your kitchen is with a bright, bold rug or contrasting kitchen tiles. 
  • Dining Room: Enjoy dinner by creating a cozy eating space decorated with jars, bowls, placemats, and standout centerpieces.
  • Bedroom: Add a light lace or linen curtain that can make your room a hideaway for when it's just too hot to go outside. Switch out your duvet and add in more cozy options and throw blankets. 
  • Bathroom: Don't skip the bathroom! Even if the only update you make is adding a vase of florals to the counter. It will be well worth it! Add in some new linens or a shower curtain if you're looking for a bigger change. 

Home Decorating Services and Stress-Free Farmhouse Décor

From lemons to mason jars and even linens, there are so many ways to bring farmhouse décor into your home this summer. With different ideas from projects to rooms, we can help with our home decorating services. Our expert staff will help you achieve the look of your dreams without the added hunting, worrying, and buyer’s remorse. If home decorating services are what you're looking for, contact us today!