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Posted: 2 Jan '20

Stock Up on These Farmhouse Accessories to Beat the Cold This Winter

No matter what your décor style, come wintertime you’re probably looking for ways to make your home feel more warm and cozy. After all, you’re going to be hibernating in your home for a few months, it might as well be a place you want to be. Here are a few farmhouse accessories you should stock up on this winter.

Natural Elements

One of the biggest components of farmhouse and rustic décor styles are natural elements. Everything from pieces of birch wood to pinecones, bringing in natural elements will accentuate your style and bring winter inside without the cold temperatures. To display natural elements add them to vases, metal tubs, or bowls. Adorn them with pine greenery for a little extra winter touch.

Candles and More Candles

Candles fit into every single décor scheme you can think of. Even better when you have a farmhouse look especially in winter. Not only do they look great and give you appealing soft light, but they can warm up your space. There are so many different types of candles from battery operated candles to delicious scented candles to bring the warmth and smells of winter inside.

Snowshoes and Wreaths

You may be tempted to put your wreathes away the second the holidays are over. Keep them out and find new decorative ways to display them. Leave them on the door or attach them to a pair of vintage snowshoes for a unique, eye-catching piece of wall art. Snowshoes are already a winter must-have and breathing new life into a vintage pair is just what your winter décor is asking for. If you have an old pair of snowshoes lying around your home, bring them in to us and our staff will be happy to turn them into a winter arrangement.


When the temperatures begin to dip, you can’t go wrong with a warm, comfy blanket. Whether you choose cable knit or faux fur, a blanket is instantly going to warm up your space. Not to mention make your space a place you don’t want to leave. The fuzzier the better since you’ll be spending even more time hanging out at home.


During Christmas time, pine is constantly around, but what do you do when you put the tree away? You don’t have to miss out on the beautiful sights and smells of pine trees! An easy way to create your own farmhouse accessories from pine is to take authentic looking artificial stems and pot them in beautiful jars. By using artificial stems they will last a lifetime and keep your home filled with the sight and feel of winter.


If you’re not really sure where to begin with winter farmhouse accessories, accents are a good place to start. This can include anything from the blankets we mentioned to fun throw pillows with winter designs on them. These accents are easily changed out meaning you can store them away and bring them out next winter. You really can’t go wrong with accent that serve a purpose year after year. They help give you a bang for your buck while helping you stay warm and cozy.

Antique Touches

The best thing about decorating with farmhouse accessories is revitalizing items long forgotten. Signs and other country touches add extra personality and warmth to your home. These farmhouse accessories are often tarnished or whitewashed which means you can display them along with other winter accessories for the season and keep them around long after winter is gone. White and brass are great holiday colors that can stick around all year long and add a little brightness to your winter.

The Perfect Pieces

If you’re looking to create a country feel to your space. Stop by and see us to find the perfect farmhouse accessories for your home this winter.