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Posted: 2 Apr '18

Spring has Sprung: Keep Mud Outside with Rustic Country Area Rugs

Spring is here! As we enjoy the sunshine, we must also deal with the mud that arrives with the thaw. You can keep the mud outside (or at least confined) with strategically placed rustic country area rugs. We have a wonderful selection at It’s a Crock Country Store just waiting for you to add to your home.

Outdoor Rugs Mean Easy Cleaning

During early spring, rustic country area rugs can protect your floors from the grime of the season. You can also add a rug over carpeting during this challenging season to protect your permanent flooring. You can choose rugs in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colours from our collection.

We recommend an outdoor rug for your entrances – both indoors and out because of the ease of cleaning them. Simply roll the rug and take outside to hose off. If the dirt doesn’t come off easily, a little detergent whisks mud and grime away.

Later in the season, these outdoor rugs can be moved to create seating areas on a porch, terrace or deck. These durable rugs are extremely versatile and can be the perfect addition to your favorite outdoor spot.

Brighten Your Home with Rustic Country Area Rugs

It is not just the sun that brightens springtime and lifts our spirits, but the colours we choose for the season. As you wander through the showroom at It’s a Crock Country Store, you’ll enjoy browsing our wide selection of items that will add new life to your home. Pick up rustic country area rugs for whichever space in your home that needs not just protection from spring’s thaw but a bright note of cheer.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Rustic country area rugs come in wonderful colours and designs, so you can find one that will complement each space in your home. Add a bright spot to an unexpected corner and watch it transform your room.

Coordinating New Linens Bring Fresh Air

Now is also a great time to pick out new place-mats and napkins to add colour, and a breath of fresh air to your home, as well as help you prepare for summer entertaining. Match or coordinate with your new rugs to add spring to your interior.

Our decorators are always happy to consult with you on new additions to your home decor. Stop by It’s a Crock Country Store for a fun day of updating your home with rustic country area rugs and some trendy new decor.

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