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Posted: 1 Dec '21

Ring in the New Year with Home Decorating Services

Ring in the New Year with Home Decorating Services

Decorating for the holidays is always a special time of the year. You have probably seen hundreds of design concepts for spreading holiday cheer in your home. But what happens when the holidays are over, and the decorations must come down? Luckily our home decorating services can help! Here are a few of our favourite winter decorating ideas that will last you through the holidays and beyond. Visit us today to be inspired!


Wreaths are essential to the holidays, but recently they have become decor staples for just about any season. When it comes to winter, choose seasonable greenery, like pine. Add in some pine cones, berries, and even go the extra mile to flock it.  

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

You may not think of your porch light or other outdoor fixtures as being very exciting, but they can be! Our home decorating service suggests adding seasonal accents like hanging pine bundles tied together with burlap from your fixtures. Not only does this add a rustic touch, but it adds dimension, excitement, and will catch your guests' eye. The best part is it will last all winter long! 

Winter Signs

Part of the rustic and farmhouse style is vintage signs. Sure, finding holiday-themed signs is simple, but have you thought about ones that just feature winter? We are talking about snowmen, sleds, and the like. Our home decorating services can help you find the best holiday and vintage signage for your home. You'll be loving them all season long! 


You likely have lovely enamelware around your home. Our home decorating service experts love to turn these items into beautiful displays by adding seasonal greenery, pine cones, and berries. Place them on empty tables, entryways, or by doors to welcome guests. The best part is you can use real natural elements you find or use artificial ones you can bring out year after year. Don't love enamelware? Any metal canisters, milk cans, or vases will also do the trick. 

Flecked Pine Cones 

'Tis the season for flocking and flecked everything. The imitation snow look can be used just about anywhere during the winter months. As we mentioned you can flock your wreath or your decorative arrangements. Another great idea is flecked pine cones. Simply add them to a bowl or any other display to create a wintery wonderland. 


Of course, when it comes to holiday decorating you have a beautiful garland, but how do you make that garland work the entire season? Our home decorating service experts say change the style of garland, repurpose other items like burlap, and add seasonal elements like pine cones. Looking for something simpler? Try fuzzy pom-poms to mimic snowballs. Display them where you normally would on a fireplace or staircase. 

Winter Doorknob Hangers 

We think doorknob hangers add an extra welcoming, homey touch to any door. There are so many different types to choose from whether original or traditional. To make them eye-catching and special add flocked pine and berries to create a special item. 

Not Sure Where to Start? 

Decorating doesn't have to be a chore. Ring in the new year with a new style! Whether you're looking for winter accessories or just gorgeous new additions to your home, our home decorating services are the perfect option. Our staff can help you get the look you desire without breaking the bank. Bring in your Pinterest inspiration, and we will help make it a reality!