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Posted: 2 Feb '18

New Trends in Country Lighting and Light Fixtures

The gloom of long winter days is still with us, and we’re always looking for ways to make our homes warmer and brighter in February. It’s a Crock Country Store’s country lighting and light fixtures can add a warm glow throughout your home. This year there are a couple of lighting trends we think you’ll enjoy.

Bring Outside Inside for Trendy Country Lighting and Light Fixtures

Rustic lighting fixtures that have long been relegated to the outdoors are now being used indoors. So, if you are interested in chasing February’s darkness from the corners of your home, shop our outdoor lighting fixtures. Let your imagination roam! Close your eyes and picture where in your home an outdoor light might brighten an area – and perhaps start a conversation.

Some of our favorite suppliers of country lighting and light fixtures are designing pieces in wrought iron and rustic metals. You’ll enjoy browsing this new look and begin to consider all the possibilities.

Chandeliers Everywhere

An interesting development in country lighting and light fixtures is the expanded use of chandeliers. Once confined to entrances and over dining tables, chandeliers are being hung throughout homes. Since chandeliers are designed with several bulbs, naturally, they throw more light. This makes them particularly valuable where people perform intricate work – sewing, reading, working jigsaw puzzles, creating fishing flies, playing cards, etc. Any area where your family enjoys an activity that needs good lighting might benefit from the addition of a chandelier.

We like the idea of a chandelier somewhere you would normally place a floor lamp, as it eliminates wires and the need to move it when you’re cleaning. A charming country-style chandelier is wonderful in a corner by a bookcase. Another idea we’ve seen that we like is a dimming chandelier over a conversation area or coffee table. You can change the light's intensity to match your mood.

You know your family and lifestyle. Think about the places you can envision benefiting from the light of a chandelier.

If a chandelier feels too big for your space but you need more light, consider adding a pendant light or two. It’s the same principle. You’re bathing the area in a warm glow with country lighting and light fixtures, but removing the inconvenience and unsightliness of tangled cords.

Stop by and visit with us at It’s a Crock Country Store to see all our new country lighting and light fixtures. A talk with one of our decorators is sure to spur ideas of how to warm your home with the glow of country lighting and light fixtures. We are constantly updating our inventory, and we know you will enjoy new discoveries with each visit.

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