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Posted: 1 Aug '21

Make a Big Style Statement with Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers

Make a Big Style Statement with Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers

Lighting enhances your home and sets the mood. Consider it the jewelry of your room. So much time and consideration are put into the walls, accessories, art, and colours, but lighting is frequently overlooked or forgotten altogether. Lighting is so important, and it should make its own statement within your space. There are many different types of farmhouse lighting & chandeliers to choose from these days. Here is a handy roundup of our favourites that will help you make a big style statement in your home. See our unique selection of farmhouse lighting & chandeliers in store today!

Our Favourite Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers


When you think of chandeliers, you probably think of a gigantic, elegant piece right in the entryway. When it comes to farmhouse lighting & chandeliers, these are the statement pieces that can go in any room. It can be large or small to fit the space and hangs down to provide functional light but also draw the eye up. They are especially useful in larger spaces like the dining room but can also hang above your kitchen island.

Pendant Lights

Similar to chandeliers, pendant lights hang from your ceiling. While chandeliers have many bulbs, pendants don't. Often they only have one light. Depending on the room they can be used as a single light or combined with others to form a group (think a group of three). They are frequently used in the kitchen above the sink or the kitchen island. 


Sconces are lights that attach to a wall instead of your ceiling. They can be used in a bunch of different spaces and are especially good for smaller spaces like hallways and bathrooms. These are different than vanity lights for bathrooms which have several bulbs attached to one fixture where sconces usually only contain one light. They can be interchanged depending on your needs and your spaces. 

Flush Mounts 

When you thinking of farmhouse lighting & chandeliers, you may overlook flush mounts. These are fixed to the ceiling but don't hang down as far as chandeliers or pendant lights. They are closer to the ceiling and "flush" with the ceiling. They provide ambient light and can brighten your entire space. Flush mounts are perfect for small spaces where you only need one light to switch on like hallways, pantries, or even bedrooms. 

Fan Lights 

Do you use your ceiling fan as the main lighting in your room? They may be convenient but often aren't as bright as other types of lighting. This means you'll want to pair them with other types of lighting even if your space is small like a bedroom. You don't have to remove the ceiling fan, but you can use it more with other farmhouse lightings rather than as the only source. Look for fun lamps or attach some sconces or reading lights next to your bed. 

Table and Floor Lamps

Table and floor lamps can be used wherever you don't have other lighting or just need to reach. They are great for spaces with no ceiling electrical wiring and table lamps can fit on any flat surface. When searching for table and floor lamps, look for those with wood or metal bases and simple, neutral lamp shades.

What's Your Favourite Farmhouse Lighting? 

There are so many different types including lanterns, sconces, and even exposed bulbs. It really depends on what the style of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or space is. If you're looking for farmhouse lighting & chandeliers, we have a wide selection of beautiful options just waiting to be a part of your home. We love to help you find the perfect ones to represent who you are and the style you love. There is no wrong choice! Stop by and see us today!