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Posted: 1 Mar

Let Your Rustic Side Out with These Country Kitchen Décor Essentials

Let Your Rustic Side Out with These Country Kitchen Décor Essentials

When it comes to decorating your space, you don't have to do a full overhaul and start from scratch. Adding small pieces here and there can let you bring out your rustic side without much effort or stress. Here are a few of our favourite ways to incorporate country kitchen décor to let out your rustic side! Visit us today to talk to our decorators and get started.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a chic way to showcase your décor and kitchen items. They let you display your favourite décor pieces, food, or dishware. Creating open shelving can even be an afternoon DIY project. If you love the look of open shelves but aren't sure your whole kitchen would look good, try it with one small area of your kitchen. Then add your favourite country kitchen décor like milk containers and glass storage containers with your favourite grains and baking essentials. 

White Cabinets 

Nothing is more quintessential to farmhouse décor schemes than white cabinets. They are timeless and classic which means they never go out of style. If open shelving isn't your style, then white cabinets are for you. They help your country kitchen décor like glass, metal, and floral arrangements really pop and catch everyone's eye. 

Jars and Baskets

These two are one of the easiest country kitchen décor items you can add. They have multiple uses in your kitchen. They are great for the storage of everyday items or other decorative items you have collected over time. They can be all different sizes and places around the kitchen on countertops and shelves. 


Wood is very common in rustic and farmhouse kitchens. Countertops are often made from rustic, reclaimed wood, or deep-coloured butcher block. If wood counter tops aren't what you're looking for, there are plenty of other wood country kitchen décor accessories you can bring in from frames to knife blocks and even cutting boards. Look for beautiful pieces that show rustic character. 


One of the biggest elements of the farmhouse and rustic décor is bringing the outdoors in. What better way to do this than with greenery? Bring your kitchen to life by displaying seasonal flower arrangements in jars or place artificial plants onto open shelving.

White Dishes 

If you're looking to add one thing to bring your farmhouse kitchen to life, be sure to stock up on dishes. But not just any dishes - white dishes. They are clean and eye catching. The best part is they don't even have to match!

Collections of Items 

Do you ever find items you love but aren't sure what to do with? When it comes to country kitchen décor, create collections of small items by grouping them together! They can be easy access for use or to create an eye-catching display of unique pieces. We have a beautiful selection of country kitchen décor just waiting to be a part of your home. Come by and see us today!