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Posted: 2 Dec '17

Keep Warm & Cozy with Stylish Rustic Country Area Rugs

rustic country area rugs

As the song says, “baby, it’s cold outside,” and staying warm in this weather is a challenge for all of us. At It’s a Crock Country Store, one of our favorite ways to make our own homes cozier and more comfortable this season of the year is by adding Rustic Country Area Rugs. Whether you already have a good foundation in your home but think a new level of warmth will keep everyone more comfortable or you’re just getting started, we have stylish soft rugs to sink your feet into.

Colours Of Rustic Country Area Rugs Don’t Need To Be Exact

Sometimes, our customers work too hard attempting to match shades and hues of a colour too closely. That’s not necessary. Nature glories in variety, and your home can too. If you look closely, a single flower will have dozens of shades of the same colour, so invite the same depth into your home.

When you’re choosing more than one rug for a space, simply pick rugs in the same colour family. Or start with a natural, neutral-colored layer, then build upon it. Don’t be afraid to go bold if you wish. A boldly colored rug can add life to an entire room.

Remember, too, that colour can make spaces appear either larger or smaller, so use dark colours to make your space cozier and more intimate or lighter colors if you wish your room to appear larger and more expansive.

Sizing Up Your Room For Rustic Country Area Rugs

Room-sized rugs not only cover more territory and keep more feet warm, but they set the atmosphere for their rooms. It’s necessary to select a rug large enough that all the furniture is touching it. We always recommend wool because of its durability and ease of cleaning, but silk, viscose and certain synthetics also offer good options that you'll enjoy in your home.

Layering smaller Rustic Country Area Rugs adds pizazz to the appearance of your room as well as warmth and softness under your toes. Why not bring photos of your existing home interior (most of our customers have them on their phones) and let’s consult about adding a layer of coziness to your home? With the easy availability of Rustic Country Area Rugs, there’s no reason for it to be cold inside, too.

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