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Posted: 1 Oct '21

Keep Cozy This Fall with Country Style Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets

Keep Cozy This Fall with Country Style Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets

Fall is here and the temperatures are cooling down. You may be looking for new bedding, quilts, and coverlets to keep you warm and cozy. Let us handle it for you! 

What Is Country Style Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets?

When we say “country style” we are referring to a style of bed linens that are used to showcase your rustic, country decor style. They are comfortable, look simple and casual, and evoke plenty of nostalgic feelings. Country bedding/quilts & coverlets aren’t fancy or pretentious. They range in many styles including cottage florals or more masculine western or plaid prints. It really depends on what you're looking for to complete your home's look. If you aren’t sure what kind of bedding/quilts & coverlets work best in your space, ask our decorators!

The Quilt 

Quilts are essential bedding and a great way to stay warm. They are more traditional and composed of multiple layers. The top layer is usually a combination of patches of different fabrics sewed together in different patterns. The term quilting refers to the stitching that binds all of the layers together. This can be done by a machine or by hand. The inner layer is usually cotton or polyester, but better quilts use cotton and more stitching. 

Wholecloth Quilts 

A wholecloth quilt is made of one piece of fabric rather than patchwork. The top of these quilts are solid pieces of fabric that are one solid colour or have a printed design. These quilts usually include more complex stitching to achieve beautiful decorative patterns. Usually, wholecloth quilts are more subtle and durable than their counterparts. Most wholecloth quilts are machine washable and easy to care for.


Comforters are made of three layers like a quilt but are thicker and fluffier. They are usually made with synthetic fibers. Their outer shells can be made from nearly any fabric but most commonly cotton or linen. When it comes to purchasing a new comforter, you may find it in a set packaged with coordinating accessories like shams, throw pillows, bed skirts to complete the look. These sets make decorating incredibly easy because all of the hard work is done. 

Duvet Covers 

Duvet covers are a fabric envelope that is used to cover a comforter. Duvet covers have buttons or zippers for easy closure and require extra filler. Most commonly down comforters are chosen, but there are other alternatives that may suit you better. One great thing about duvet covers is their versatility. They can be filled with a warm insert for the fall and winter and a lighter insert for the warmer months. 


Bedspreads are a good old-fashioned bedding item that has been making a comeback recently. Bedspreads are thin and one-sided. They drape, gracefully, to the floor and have rounded edges at the foot. They tuck around pillows at the top of the bed making extra pillow shams unnecessary. You can find them in everything from cotton to quilted cotton and with vintage-inspired looks. 


Coverlets loosely refer to any of the treatments that lay on top of your bed but aren't a quilt, bedspread, or comforter. These are used to cover only part of the bed and don't reach the floor. They can be functional but are primarily decorative. Since they are decorative, they may require dry cleaning but are perfect for extra warmth during the colder months. 

The Perfect Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets to Stay Warm This Fall

Staying warm this fall is easy whether you're looking for a new quilt, coverlet, or bedspread. Choosing your new country bedding/quilts & coverlets can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! We have a beautiful selection of country bedding/quilts & coverlets waiting to be a part of your home. Stop in and see us today!