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Posted: 1 May '20

How You Can Add Country Kitchen Décor to Your Home to Create a Rustic Feel

How You Can Add Country Kitchen Décor to Your Home to Create a Rustic Feel

Who doesn’t love a rustic charm? One of the most popular design styles right now is a rustic farmhouse. A rustic style feels comfortable, lived in, and like a place you want to be in. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in any home and it should feel just as inviting. Here are a few ways to give your kitchen a more rustic feel with country home decor. Contact us to learn more. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a budget-friendly way to add rustic charm to your kitchen. It’s pretty simple to do and doesn’t require much time. Plus you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. There are a couple of ways to get open shelving. First, you can manipulate your existing shelving to create open shelving by removing the doors of your upper cabinets. Second, you could DIY your own with a level, a piece of wood, a stud finder, and a couple of brackets.  


Beadboard is a material made from individual pieces of wood connected through tongue and groove fitting. It can be used so many places but you’ve likely seen it as wainscoting. Beadboard is inexpensive but adds a whole lot of charm to the room. Use it for backsplash, the sides of your kitchen island, or add it to your walls for instant texture.  

Galvanized Metal

If there’s one thing every rustic kitchen needs, it’s a touch of metal. Display galvanized pots or silverware. Try out metal chairs or old pendant lights. You don’t have to add tons of galvanized metal to your kitchen. Even the simplest of touches are an easy way to add a metal accent. Metal accents add character and texture to the space.  

Natural Wood Accents

Natural wood accents contain the warm tones that complete your rustic look. Plus they bring nature inside which is what a country kitchen décor is all about. Add butcher blocks, cutting boards, and utensils all made of these natural elements. Display them out in the open to immediately bring extra warmth and function to the space.  

Glass Canisters 

Creating rustic charm with country kitchen decor doesn’t get more simple than glass canisters. They repurpose materials and allow you to add extra storage at the same time. Display baking goods like sugar, food like beans or noodles, or even oatmeal in glass containers. It adds a bit of interest to your countertop and a bit of an old school feel. Add metal scoops for a bit of a country general store type feel.  

Tip the Scales

Nothing says country kitchen decor more than an old scale. You can find old scales just about anywhere from flea markets to antique shops and even reproductions on the internet. These old scales were staples in general stores so they are the perfect functional kitchen decor. Display them on the countertop or utilize them to hold vegetables or plants to add character to your kitchen.  

Wire Baskets

If there is one thing every home could use more of, it’s storage. Wire baskets are a great way to increase storage in your kitchen while keeping it rustic. Use wire baskets for everything from linens to vegetables. If you have open shelving, use them for easy access to everyday items like measuring cups or reusable food containers.  

Add Rustic Decor

There are so many ways to incorporate country kitchen decor into your space. It all depends on how you want to showcase your personality and take on rustic elements. If you’re ready to add country kitchen decor to your home, stop by and see us.