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Posted: 1 Oct '19

How To Properly Take Care of Your Floral Arrangements This Fall

You’ve taken the time to perfect your fall floral arrangements. There is no doubt they look beautiful and are wowing everyone who sees them. It is important to make them last the season long, but do you know how to take care of your floral arrangements? Taking care of these beautiful decorations means giving them top of the line care. Here are some tips for taking care of your colorful fall floral arrangements.

Don't Forget to Water the Flowers

This may seem like a no brainer, but don’t forget the easiest care tip of them all. Flowers need water to survive and keep looking their best. With floral arrangements in vases, the stems should be submerged in water. Flowers last longer when they receive enough water to drink. On the other hand, other types of arrangements don’t require as much water. It’s important to know just how much water your arrangement will need in order to keep it alive longer.

Sunlight, Sunlight, Sunlight!

Sunlight is an energy source to plants and they need plenty of it. It keeps your plants alive and thriving longer, but proceed with caution. Just as with water, some types of plants and flowers don’t require as much sunlight meanwhile others require a lot. One way to be sure your fall floral arrangements aren’t getting too much sun is by placing them away from direct sunlight. You know your home best, so an area where sunlight passes through only some hours of the day is ideal. Keep arrangements away from drafty spaces and fruit. This helps your beautiful flowers get the sunlight they need and last longer.

Change the Water

Over time the flowers will begin to wilt, but you can delay this processes by changing out the water. You may not always consider this step, but it’s important. Changing the water every two or three days will make a big difference. You’ll want to remove any dying or dead flowers or plants from the arrangement. Once removed it’s important to clean the vessel with soap and water to remove bacteria that could cause the rest of the fresh flowers to die. This is when you should cut the stems at an angle to better absorb the clean water.


In addition to all of the cleaning up you’re doing, it’s key to prune your flowers. As they begin to you’ll notice leaves and petals begin to fall off. When changing the water, remove any leaves that reach the water line. This will prevent bacterial growth and keep your floral arrangement looking great.

Keep Yours Fresh!

If you’re in the market for new ways of displaying your fall floral arrangements, stop by and see us today!