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Posted: 3 Oct '17

How A Farmhouse & Country Home Décor Store Can Help Make Your Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is coming. Is your menu planned? Your guest list in mind? As you and your family anticipate the harvest holiday, you can’t resist looking around your home that you want to present at its best. Are you feeling the urge to run to your favourite farmhouse & country home décor store to choose gold, orange and barn red items to polish your home’s look? Are there other colours that represent Thanksgiving to you? It's a Crock Country Store in Leduc has all the latest decorative items in our ever-changing inventory so you can update your home for Thanksgiving – and all the other holidays – in a style that is uniquely yours.

Centrepieces Set A Thanksgiving Theme

Wonderful holiday centrepieces may start with your essential dining area but can expand to your living areas, entryways, and even the kitchen. You want the wonderful Thanksgiving tone to carry over throughout your home. That is easy to accomplish when you consult with our decorators at It’s a Crock.

Naturally, on Thanksgiving, your home will be reminiscent with the fragrances of cooking as you prepare your Thanksgiving banquet. Unfortunately, the wonderful aromas won’t last forever, but you can extend them by adding a few aptly scented candles to your decorations.

Choose Thanksgiving Linens From Your Farmhouse & Country Home Décor Store

As the area’s favorite farmhouse & country home décor store, It’s a Crock is prepared to assist you with choosing farmhouse inspired, rustic or contemporary tablecloths, placemats, napkins and runners to complement your home's furnishings. New linens are an inexpensive and practical way to freshen your home’s look for Thanksgiving. We have the latest colours and fashions to keep you comfortable when entertaining guests or simply serving your family’s favourite recipes.

The good news is that you don’t have to limit linens to your tables as a runner (or placemat, etc.) and decorative pumpkins can be placed in windowsills, on top of refrigerators and many other spaces throughout your home. Tuck Thanksgiving into unexpected nooks of your home with a decorative item or two selected from the wide array of knickknacks, florals and more from your farmhouse & country home décor store.

When you’re out shopping or in the area, be sure to drop by It’s a Crock Country Store in Leduc and wander through your favourite farmhouse & country home decor store, perhaps consult with our decorators and prepare your home for Thanksgiving.

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