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Posted: 1 Feb '19

Head into Spring with New Outdoor Floral Arrangements

Outdoor Floral Arrangements

Spring is around the corner! Soon you’ll have fresh warm air blowing in through the open windows, birds singing in the distance and tiny buds on every tree just waiting to blossom. If you've been waiting to get your outdoor floral arrangements on every doorstep and windowsill of your home, wait no longer! Our store has everything you need to create lasting arrangements that are both beautiful and welcoming. Using fresh flowers from your own garden is a great way to surround your home in delightful spring colours and exquisite smells, but Spring is still a bit a way! Luckily, we have a wide selection of outdoor floral arrangements that you don't have to water but will still look welcoming at your doorstep - and they can withstand that last blast of winter, no matter how harsh the wind, sleet and snow.

Of course, your outdoor floral arrangements are going to need containers and vases to show off in! That's where we come in - our store has a wide variety of vases, containers, baskets and more to complement your flowers. Here are just a few container styles to consider when planning your outdoor floral arrangements:

Window Boxes

These can be as rustic or contemporary as you like, and our home decorators can help you choose the perfect style. Placed outside your windows, or on a deck rail, they will showcase any arrangement nicely and you'll love the view from inside! Our home decorators will also help you design the perfect outdoor floral arrangements to match any window box.

Vintage Vases

From plain to exquisite, we carry a wide variety of vases to match your outdoor floral arrangements. A couple of tall vases on either side of your front door will add sophistication and elegance to your entire walkway. Bring in photos of your outdoor space and our home decorators can help you organize vintage vases to create a unique, welcoming space.

Milk Jugs, Metal Jugs and Pails

Nothing says 'country-chic' like metal jugs and pails. We have a wide selection in several different sizes. Choose one to suit your style and budget! Not sure how to dress up these vintage jugs? Talk to our home decorators about the colours you would like to use, and we’ll make sure your personality shines through with each outdoor floral arrangement.

If you’re ready to bring Spring to your home early, visit our store today to get everything you need to create outstanding outdoor floral arrangements for your home.