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Posted: 1 Sep '20

Get your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays with Country Kitchen Décor

Get your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays with Country Kitchen Décor

The holidays will be here before you know it! You may think to yourself it's a little too early to start prepping, but if you get ideas now, you'll be able to prepare for them when the time comes. Plus, when you prepare early, you'll be spending less time decorating and more time celebrating! So, get in the mood and check out our tips for getting your kitchen ready for the holidays with country kitchen décor!  Visit us in store to find the perfect holiday piece. 

Keep It Mobile 

When decorating for the holidays it's easy to get a bit too festive. In other rooms, this might be okay, but in the kitchen, it's best to keep it simple. For one, you're cooking in there. Secondly, when the holidays are here, more people are spending time in the kitchen. Your entire family might end up in there while cooking a meal in order to spend time together. A great way to incorporate as much holiday décor as you can handle is by using decorative trays. That way you can pick it up and move it out of the way as needed. Use floral arrangements, pumpkins, and flameless candles to create a unique showpiece. These simple details will have your kitchen feeling like harvest season in no time!  

Hang Wreaths  

Wreaths are essential country décor. They help bring the outdoors in. These will fit perfectly into your kitchen hanging over windows or on pantry doors. The fall colors can be accentuated with beautiful burlap ribbons to create the perfect eye-catching holiday statement! Plus, with their simplicity, you're not overdoing it. Wreathes let you showcase your personal style whether you make one yourself or add special touches to a premade one.  

Don't Forget the Antiques 

Does your family have heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation? Use them! Especially if they are intended for the kitchen. One essential of country kitchen décor is old pieces combined with new. There is something loving and beautiful about using these hand-me-downs. Not sure how to bring these old keepsakes back to life? Come in to It’s a Crock Country Store and our decorators will help you create a seasonal arrangement. 

Use Open Shelving 

Farmhouse style kitchens don't use many of the typical upper cabinets other kitchens have. This is beneficial when it comes to holiday decorating. Add elements like antiques, candles, or figurines to your open shelving. This gives your country kitchen décor a place to be without getting in the way when it comes to celebrating and cooking your Thanksgiving dinner. Everything you want your guests to see will be right in front of them laid out in a stylish way.  

Exposed Wood  

When it comes to holiday décor, think outside the box. There are many different types of décor out there and ones featuring natural wood elements will fit in perfectly. Antique wood bread boards are a must in any farmhouse kitchen! These items can be used for other seasons making them great additions to your kitchen.  

Get Ready for the Holidays Now 

It may seem too early to start planning for your holiday décor, but it's not! Start planning now and let us help. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you plan and find the perfect country kitchen décor for your home. Stop in and see us today!