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Posted: 1 Apr '21

Get Ready for Warmer Weather by Switching Up Your Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets

Get Ready for Warmer Weather by Switching Up Your Bedding/Quilts & Coverlets

When the weather begins to warm up, you know it's time to change your bedding/quilts & coverlets. As warm and comfortable as your winter bedding is, it's not a fit for springtime. There are a couple of ways to transition your bedding for warmer weather. The first is removing layers and the second option is changing up the look entirely. Warmer weather is the perfect chance to mix up your bedroom's style and experiment with new, exciting patterns and colors. Visit us today to check out some of our favorite ideas for switching up your bedding/quilts & coverlets this spring.  

Lighten Up! 

When transitioning your bedding/quilts & coverlets from winter to spring, this is the most obvious choice. Remove a layer or two! Take your heavy blanket and stash it away for later. If you go this route, keep your top sheet handy, but resist the urge to get rid of your duvet. Duvets can be very soothing and you may still want it. If you choose to go the opposite way and put away your comforter or duvet, make sure you keep two layers: a blanket and a quilt. Keep these folded up at the foot of your bed so they are ready to be used on cooler nights.  

Change Up Your Style 

When choosing winter bedding/quilts & coverlets, you likely chose darker patterns and colors. Spring and summer call for a much lighter touch with whites, light colors, and brighter patterns. If you love the look of your winter bedding use your quilts and coverlets as a way to bring in those lighter colors. One of the easiest ways to change up the style to reflect the new season is with light-colored sheets. As the temperatures get warmer, your bedding/quilts & coverlets should incorporate lightweight bed sheets made with cooler fabrics for optimal comfort.  

Choose Linen Fabric 

Linen is a great fabric for the warmer months and for matching a farmhouse bedroom style. Linen is a natural fabric that is soft and comfortable. Linen tends to come in tones that are warm and neutral so you can easily find one that fits in with your existing blankets and other bedding. When it comes to warm weather bedding, linen is also naturally moisture-wicking so sweat won't be an issue. It's also hypoallergenic so when the spring allergies come calling, your sheets won't be a cause.  

Replace Your Coverlet 

This one may seem like a no brainer. As the temperature warms up, your heavier bedding, like we mentioned previously, has got to go. You may not be 100% willing to give up your blankets and coverlets so change them up! Try to find one that isn't as heavy or that is made out of linen. As we said, linen is a wonderful warm weather fabric and comes in a variety of different bedding/quilts & coverlets.  

Be One with Nature 

When you think of spring, the blooming of nature immediately comes to mind. There are always such beautiful pops of color during the spring including soft pinks, purples, and bright yellows to name a few. Finding bedding/quilts & coverlets that incorporate these colors and gives off that spring feel. One way to do this is with florals. These bright, organic patterns will bring lightness and optimism to your space for the season ahead.  

Getting Ready for Warmer Weather 

Spring is a season all about renewal and rebirth. It's a time to start fresh and one way to start anew is your bedding. Now that you have some ideas for changing up your bedding/quilts & coverlets, stop by and see our collection of options for spring! We have the perfect bedding for transitioning from winter to spring!