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Posted: 1 Jul '21

Farmhouse Accessories that Will Brighten Up Your Home

Summer is in full swing and it's a great opportunity to brighten up your home with farmhouse accessories. There are so many ways to liven up your home with the farmhouse decor style and make it a bright, cheerful place filled with character. But what types of farmhouse accessories should you add this season? Let us help! Visit us today to talk to decorator.

Summer Linens: With warmer weather there is no need for heavy blankets or linens. Replace them with lighter, brighter ones both outside on your porch or your bedroom. Linens that are blue or white are the perfect fit and will have you spending hours relaxing.

Mantel: The mantel is the focal point of a room with a fireplace. Add some vintage looking items like milk cans or jugs paired with florals or greenery. For a more subtle but eye-catching look try a canvas print that screams summer.

Entryway Sign: The entryway is the very first thing someone sees when they enter your home. Welcome them in the farmhouse style with a rustic, vintage looking welcome sign. 

Wicker Details: Wicker can take many forms when adding it to your home. It can be on furniture, the subtle details of a table, or even on farmhouse accessories throughout the room. It's a woven material that works both inside and out.

Flowers: One of the biggest elements of the farmhouse style is bringing the outdoors in. flowers and plants are one of the easiest ways to do this. Add artificial floral elements throughout your home for extra character and beauty.

Refresh Your Front Door: Add a seasonal wreath to your door. These can be made with reclaimed materials like wagon wheels or by adding seasonal floral arrangements to your favourite wreath. If you have a vision, we can help you create a wreath with artificial flowers and other rustic elements to welcome you and your guests to your home.

Collectables: When it comes to a home decor style, farmhouse is the one that embraces your collection of knick-knacks. Display your favourites and create a unique display by combining it with flowers or books.

Rugs: Freshen up your space with a new rug. Bright colours and patterns to make a more welcoming space for you and your guests. Rugs last for a long time so when you find one, you'll get to enjoy it for seasons to come.

Centerpieces: You may think centerpieces are simply for dining rooms and entertaining. That doesn't have to be the case! Use metal baskets or even vases to create a special centerpiece. Something that gives your home an easy, breezy vibe but mixes with your rustic farmhouse look.

Glass Bottles: One popular aspect of the farmhouse aesthetic is repurposing bottles. Use them to display artificial flowers throughout your home or to create a special display on your mantle kitchen window or shelf.

Hammock: You probably have a hammock outside right? It is summer after all. But have you ever thought about bringing one indoors? It can be used for relaxing and as an eye-catching element to your room. If you're not sure add a little fun by using it within a child’s room!

Choosing Your Perfect Farmhouse Accessories

There are many different ways to bring farmhouse accessories into your home this summer from flowers to vintage knick-knacks to signs. We have a wide variety of farmhouse accessories perfect for summer and beyond. Stop by and see us today!