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Posted: 1 Sep '21

Fall in Love with Country Kitchen Décor

Fall in Love with Country Kitchen Décor

Eventually, the time comes where your kitchen starts to feel a bit bland, and you'll want to do an update or find a new style. You've probably loved the look of a farmhouse or country kitchen but aren't ready to rip out your cabinets and countertops for an overhaul. So what do you do? An inexpensive way to change up your space is by adding some country kitchen décor! Visit us today to select some great pieces!

Our Favourite Country Kitchen Décor

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a staple of the farmhouse style and an easy way to add extra charm to your kitchen. They are incredibly easy to install and give you a great bang for your buck. If you cannot find shelves you love to complement your cabinets, just take off the doors of your existing cabinets to achieve that open shelving feel. 

Wire Baskets

If there is one complaint when it comes to homes, it's the lack of storage. Wire baskets are amazing for storage and can hold anything from veggies to linens. Place them on your new open shelving or even in the corner of your counter to help you easily access everyday items you need. Plus, when it comes to country kitchen décor, wire baskets add extra depth and character because there is no shortage of baskets to choose from! 


Pitchers are essential in country kitchen décor. They come in a variety of styles both old and new. They can be used for drink stations or to simply display utensils or floral arrangements. A simple way to add personality to your space.

Natural Wood Accents

When it comes to country kitchen décor, use what you have. You likely have natural wood elements like cutting boards, wooden utensils, or butcher blocks. These warm tones can be put out on display for a farmhouse feel and to warm up your space! 

Glass Canisters 

Glass canisters not only are stylish but help with getting rid of unnecessary packaging. Display oatmeal, noodles, beans, sugar, and other items like this in large glass containers. They give your home a more lived-in, older feel and help you reach the necessary supplies you need to cook or bake. Just don't forget the scoops! 


Vintage-looking scales look great placed out on the countertop to enhance your country kitchen décor with antique elements truly reminiscent of growing up on the farm.

Galvanized & Metal Accents 

Metal accents just look beautiful and add some extra character to the kitchen. Utilize galvanized pots for your silverware or herbs. Hang metal signage that is welcoming and exciting to look at. You can even add in metal seating or light fixtures if you want to go the extra mile. 

Finding the Perfect Country Kitchen Décor

There are so many ways to fall in love with country kitchen décor this season. Whether you're looking for scales, signage, glass canisters, or all of the galvanized metal accents you can handle, we are here to help. We have a large selection of country kitchen décor just waiting to be a part of your home. Stop by and see us today!