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Posted: 1 Feb

Add Rustic Charm to Your Home with Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers

Add Rustic Charm to Your Home with Farmhouse Lighting & Chandeliers

It's no surprise the farmhouse style continues to skyrocket in popularity. It can fit into so many other design styles seamlessly that you really can't go wrong with farmhouse elements. Are you looking to add warmth and charm to your home? Farmhouse lighting & chandeliers are a great first step. Read on to learn more about or favourite styles or visit us today to see our unique light fixtures in person.

Modern & Texture 

One of the biggest elements of farmhouse and rustic-chic style is texture. There are many modern light fixtures that embrace the relaxing and comfortable nature of the farmhouse design style. These fixtures bring in smooth lines and monochromatic colour schemes. They often feature mixed materials like steel, iron, wicker, and wood to add extra character. 

Clean & Rustic 

If you want to achieve a more countryside look without any fussiness, then clean & rustic is for you. These fixtures contain classic elements like handcrafted wood and special, vintage accents. They may contain barnwood finished mixed with cool tones like white and grey. This style of farmhouse lighting & chandeliers work better as a ceiling fan or simple light fixture in order to bring a warm, neutral feel to your space while creating a minimal eye-catching piece. 

Traditional & Classic 

Early settlers featured natural, distressed, and weathered finishes which have lent fairly well to the modern farmhouse of today. These classic finishes work everywhere from kitchens to family and living rooms. Think exposed lamps and plenty of decorative metals. You'll be creating a cozy, charming look that will make your guests think you have passed these gorgeous light fixtures down for generations. 

Matte & Oversized 

Back in the colonial times, settlers used to mix milk and paint to achieve a matte look on their walls. Today, that look is readily available, and that is why it's a great option for your farmhouse lighting & chandeliers. It brings a little modern into your rustic vibe by adding a soft shine. Choose an oversized fixture to create a focal point that will grab attention. 

Vintage & Industrial 

You may think that industrial elements have no place in the farmhouse world that heavily embraces everything vintage. That couldn't be further from the truth! The farmhouse style has plenty of industrial items that pack a serious design punch and lighting is no different. Plus it helps blend modern and farmhouse. The cool metals and sleek silhouettes complement rustic elements that are a staple of the farmhouse style such as architectural salvage and reclaimed barnwood. If you happen to be a city dweller, these fixtures will bring a little rustic, country chic to your city style. 

Choosing Your Fixture 

Choosing farmhouse lighting & chandeliers can feel overwhelming especially when you have a certain style in mind. Whether you love traditional or modern, farmhouse lighting & chandeliers can fit in to your existing décor seamlessly - no need for redecorating. It gives you the flexibility you need to mix and match without worrying about being too delicate. In the market for new light fixtures?  Our knowledgeable staff can help you strike the right balance of rustic sophistication with the perfect farmhouse lighting & chandeliers. Stop by and see us today!