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Posted: 2 Mar '18

Add a Touch of Spring with Rustic Candles and Candle Holders

Ah, springtime. It arrives on the 20th, and we’re sure to enjoy some sunshine in March. But we all know there’s still plenty of cold and snow that will blow through Alberta before we can count on the warmth of Mother Nature. Thankfully, as we wait, we can warm our homes with rustic candles and candle holders, along with decorative candle rings and Easter decorations.

Springtime Freshness with Candles

We’re already stocking shipments of rustic candles with lovely, spring scents that you can use to brighten your home while enjoying the aromas of springtime. As you know, both lilac and rhubarb are plants of spring. Surely, you’ve encountered the smell of lilac in a candle before, but have you ever smelled a rhubarb candle? Allow us to recommend Noble Isle’s Rhubarb Rhubarb! that mixes fragrances of the plant with juniper berry and rosemary “to evoke a spring morning in the Yorkshire Dales.” How can you resist?

If neither lilac nor rhubarb appeal to you, there are plenty of other springtime fragrances:

  • French pear and freesia combine in a light and airy candle
  • Grapefruit, lemon, lime and nectarine from numerous companies around the world;
  • Bluebell and wood anemone make for a scrumptious candle
  • Freshly mowed lawn mingles with other warm weather smells
  • Linen just dried on the line by the sun's rays

The scents dance with the excitement of spring. There are far too many to name them all. Just bring your nose and visit our rustic candle and candle holder section for a delightful time that is sure to banish cabin fever and brighten your home.

Bring an Early Spring to Your Home

We are updating our inventory constantly. Check back often to see which scented rustic candles and candle holders match your mood. While you're warming your home with flickering candles and heavenly scents, you can add vitality and color with our latest candle rings. Wrap a glowing candle in a ring of flowers and increase your anticipation of spring.

Easter is early this year, so you will want to choose your decorations during March. While you’re selecting from our rustic candles and candle holders, you can also browse our showroom for Easter items you and your family will love.

Be sure to visit us at It's a Crock Country Store to make your home glow with rustic candles and candle holders and other harbingers of spring.

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