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Posted: 1 Jan

6 Reasons Why Farmhouse Accessories Will Never Go Out of Style

6 Reasons Why Farmhouse Accessories Will Never Go Out of Style

The farmhouse style is incredibly popular, and the number of home decor options have risen significantly over time. The farmhouse style may have gained recognition relatively recently but it's not a new idea. It has actually been around for a long time. What is considered farmhouse today draws from modern and traditional aesthetics. Visit us today to talk to our decorators about using farmhouse accessories in your home.

  • Traditional Elements with a Modern Spin: Modern farmhouse decor loves to bring in monotone colour schemes with lots of whites and greys. This doesn't really go out of style because monotone colours can match just about any decor style. This means you'll be able to use your favorite pieces for years to come without worry they are no longer in style. 
  • Decorate on a Budget: Decorating a home can feel overwhelming especially when trying to stick with a budget. Carefully curate centerpieces featuring classic farmhouse accessories like milk jugs, baskets, tin cans, and more to showcase your style and stay within your budget.
  • Warm and Approachable: A home is for living not being a stuffy, unwelcoming environment. Farmhouse accessories help your home feel warm and approachable. A place you will actually want to spend time in for years to come. 
  • Family Friendly: Everything about farmhouse accessories, finishes, and materials is laid back and perfect for families. It encourages you to use your own aged pieces of furniture and pair with unique decor to create a look all your own.
  • Cleaner Look: The modern farmhouse is all about clean lines and no clutter. Every accessory chosen has a place and a purpose. Displays are simple and floating shelves contain everything from simple garlands to vases with beautiful floral arrangements. These subtle, stylish elements mean that any time you want to change your style up you can do so by embracing seasonal decor and still use your favourite items. 
  • Reclaimed Wood Is King: Reclaimed wood is an essential to the farmhouse style and with good reason. You're breathing new life into a resource filled with character and a unique story. They don't go out of style because they can be given another life no matter what. Do you have a beautiful, reclaimed wood cabinet you'd like to reuse? Turn it into a bathroom vanity. Have extra barnwood? Create a welcoming sign to greet your guests. If you do not have access to barnwood, you can also achieve the look by visiting furniture stores that specialize in rustic styles and solid wood furniture (like our sister store Prairie Mountain Furniture).

Looking for The Perfect Farmhouse Accessories? 

Trends may come and go, and even though farmhouse is trendy now doesn't mean it will be going anywhere soon. Even so, farmhouse accessories never go out of style because they utilize things that stand the test of time whether they are heirlooms or new additions, they are stylish accents that can be reused and repurposed for years to come. There are so many different farmhouse accessories to choose from that you'll be sure to find ones that fit your unique style. We have a wide variety of farmhouse accessories perfect for your home. Stop by and see us today!