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Eagle Head Portland Cutter Sleigh 1

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Sleigh Coffee Table

Eagle Head Portland Cutter Sleigh
64"l x 26"w x 37"d
Made of Oak & Metal
The sleigh coffee table is a beautiful replica of a 19th Century horse drawn cutter sleigh. Made famous by “Dashing through the snow…” these people and grocery hauling sleds would be decorated with brass sleigh bells and the families colorful woolen blankets for a winter ride into town or … “to Grandmothers house we go.”

Eagle Head Albany Cutter Sleigh
59"l x 20"w x 30"h
Made of Oak & Metal
This Albany Eagle Head Sleigh Coffee Table is modeled from an 1880s horse drawn sleigh. Notice the authentic details on this sleigh – more than famous in the North and the Northeast – beautifully steam bent runners, cast metal “boot” scrapers, the upturned runner “tails”, and the decorative and functional iron supports. The eagle head tips rise to 30" at the top of the steambent runners. The coffee table height is at a standard 20".

Either coffee table makes a very decorative centerpiece.

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