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The Beginners Guide to Decorating Your Home with Farmhouse Accessories

In recent years farmhouse decor has become trendy and "in", but the truth is this look has always been popular and will be for years to come. So how do you achieve that farmhouse style in your home? It's easier than you think. Here's a beginner’s guide to transforming your home into a farmhouse. ..


Jump into Summer with the Help of It’s a Crock’s Home Decorating Services

Summer is around the corner and you can feel that lazy, hazy breeze of warmth coming your way, but doesn't it feel like there’s something more needed to get that vibe going? ..


Rustic Home Accessories and Décor Make the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s a Crock Country Store in Leduc stocks more rustic home accessories and décor than you can imagine. In our enormous showroom, with its ever-changing inventory, we are sure to have that perfect gift for all the mothers and grandmothers on your list. If you are concerned about how to choose a gift that is just right for your wife, mother or grandmother, we are here to help. ..


Spring has Sprung: Keep Mud Outside with Rustic Country Area Rugs

Spring is here! As we enjoy the sunshine, we must also deal with the mud that arrives with the thaw. You can keep the mud outside (or at least confined) with strategically placed rustic country area rugs. We have a wonderful selection at It’s a Crock Country Store just waiting for you to add to your home. ..


Add a Touch of Spring with Rustic Candles and Candle Holders

Ah, springtime. It arrives on the 20th, and we’re sure to enjoy some sunshine in March. But we all know there’s still plenty of cold and snow that will blow through Alberta before we can count on the warmth of Mother Nature. Thankfully, as we wait, we can warm our homes with rustic candles and candle holders, along with decorative candle rings and Easter decorations. ..


New Trends in Country Lighting and Light Fixtures

The gloom of long winter days is still with us, and we’re always looking for ways to make our homes warmer and brighter in February. It’s a Crock Country Store’s country lighting and light fixtures can add a warm glow throughout your home. This year there are a couple of lighting trends we think you’ll enjoy. ..


How a Country Home Décor Store Can Help You Get a New Look for the New Year

With the cold, snow and gloomy skies, it can feel more like an ending than a beginning. Fortunately, your favorite country home décor store has a solution. Let It’s a Crock Country Store in Leduc help you transform your home into a warm, glowing haven so beautiful it will rival those holiday decorations you’ve just stored. ..


Keep Warm & Cozy with Stylish Rustic Country Area Rugs

rustic country area rugs
As the song says, “baby, it’s cold outside,” and staying warm in this weather is a challenge for all of us. At It’s a Crock Country Store, one of our favorite ways to make our own homes cozier and more comfortable this season of the year is by adding Rustic Country Area Rugs. Whether you already have a good foundation in your home but think a new level of warmth will keep everyone more comfortable or you’re just getting started, we have stylish soft rugs to sink your feet into. ..


It’s a Crock’s Rustic Home Accessories & Décor Make Ideal Christmas Gifts

Rustic Home Accessories and Decor

Have you made your list and checked it thrice? Everyone on it will enjoy a Christmas gift from our country and rustic home accessories & décor at It’s a Crock Country Store in Leduc. The inventory in our large showroom changes every day as beautiful and intriguing new items arrive. We are a Christmas destination store. We close for a week at end of business October 28th and reopen fully decorated as a virtual Christmas wonderland on November 4th. You can wander through our store, picking up gifts for your family and friends as well as decorative items that will spice up your home for entertaining during the holidays. Remember quantities are limited and our items are unique. ..



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